The Committee

USVA Flicks Committee 2017

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Flicks International Student Short Film Festival is an event that shows exclusively short films made by students from all over the world. To ensure a large variety in genre and style of films, the 8th Flicks International Student Short Film Festival will especially focus on promoting the festival abroad and having applicants from as many as 50+ different film schools. As it is catered to an international audience, Flicks is a rather outspread initiative, and hopes to involve as many people as possible. Flicks has grown into a fully shaped successful event which is highly anticipated in the city!

This year’s Flicks Committee was selected in september and it is formed by a varied group of internationals that are committed to bringing you a wonderful experience.  With 8 members, the 8th Flicks Committee is in the process of organization. We meet weekly to plan the details of the upcoming festival and brainstorm ideas of how to arrange it, from the budget plan to the logo and the presentation and distribution of posters. The most important goal for us is to deliver a well-organized and interesting student film event that brings both participants and audiences an unforgettable experience. All while creating a cultural platform in which an interesting dialogue is created. We believe we are up to a great start!


Eva Swaters | Chair

Emma Bolhuis | Secretary

Yke van der Molen | External Relations

Karlijn Vierveijzer | Treasurer and External Relations

Quentin Jégo | Treasurer and PR

Louise Mitton | Acquisition and PR

Aline Masselink | Acquisition and PR

Viola Dijkman | Member

*If you have any question for us, please contact us: We are pleased to answer all your questions.